ADULT Dura-Tack Batting Glove
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  • Dura-Tack Palm surface
  • Spandex back for maximum ventilation
  • Customize with your team name or player number below
  • Instructions for ordering:
    • Select size
    • Select Mascot name (choose NONE if you want blank)
    • Select Player number (choose NONE if you want blank)
    • If you just want Mascot Name, choose Mascot then choose NONE for Player Number.  If you just want Player Number, choose NONE for Mascot Name.  If you want Mascot Name and Player Number, make your selection in the appropriate drop down menu.  We will place the Player Number on the left glove and the Mascot Name on the right glove.
  • Item #: ATB-YTB

ADULT Dura-Tack Batting Glove

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